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    Save the World or Let it Burn



    Seven hundred years ago, the Cataclysm flooded the world, broke the greater moon, and drove humanity to the brink of extinction and despair. Centuries passed and from the chaos of the nascent Second Age arose six great nations, young and full of promise. Yet darkness lurks in the forgotten corners of the world, monsters that will never forget, or forgive, the cruelties inflicted upon them.
    Armed with old magic and new technology, humankind is poised to reclaim the glories of the past. Will you defy the fate of your ancestors? Or succumb to the shadows within? The choice is yours…


    The world of Nuada is steeped in magic. It dwells beneath the earth as veins of flux crystals and within the crystal hearts of elemental beasts known as fae. Anyone who knows the Words and possesses a voice, from a mystical Avatar to a simple child, can cast a spell. Magic is both feared and worshipped, for it comes with a price. Whoever casts a spell risks warping reality, the flux within them spilling out in unforeseen ways. To be a caster is to walk a perilous line between destruction and control.


    Before the Cataclysm, humanity unraveled the secrets of the universe, creating wonders most today cannot begin to fathom. But what was lost can be re-discovered. What was broken can be reforged. A new era of technology and advancement is dawning; one where electricity, flux, and steam will create a golden age of industrialization and exploration. Technomancers and tinkerers have already created modern marvels such as sola spheres, airships, steam guns, levitators, and power suits. Time will tell however, if this new knowledge will be used with wisdom or to merely repeat the mistakes of a forgotten past.

    Choose Your Lineage

    Nations of Nuada


    “Perhaps a quarter of the world is known. Who can fathom what strange lands lie beyond the Great Deep?” – The Chronicler


    A nation of exiles hidden behind great walls and dense forests, living within ruins of an unknown people.


    Seafarers and raiders, their mighty warships prowl the waves and bow to no one but the God Queen.


    A dynasty forged through fire and fate, a kingdom built upon the backs of slaves.


    A nation sitting atop peaks of stone and pillars of salt, their engines of industry shaking the foundations of the world.


    Bound by honor, the children of the Wolf Mother wage unending wars for an empty throne.


    Across the Great Deep float the islands of magic-worshipping mystics.



    In-Depth Character Customization

    6 unique nations and religions
    40 Backgrounds
    40+ Skills and Talents
    100+ character quirks
    Specialize in technomancy, magic — or both

    Dynamic Combat

    Core rules based on d10/d100 dice
    Auto Success and Power Hit mechanics
    Flexible Action Points system
    Over 50 types of armors and weapons — no restrictions

    Player-Influenced World

    Strengthen nations or let them fall
    Explore to reveal new lands and hidden races
    Every campaign changes the world based on majority player choices and results

    Andrew Tsai

    “It’s insane the sheer amount of worldbuilding that went into this. In fact, I find myself spending most of my time between sessions reading up on the lore and learning about the physical mechanisms behind magic and steam technology.”

    - Playtester

    Shannon Nagy

    “This is a very thorough and well-thought-out system and world that is both flexible and customizable.”

    - Playtester

    Cody Deacon

    “I love the atmosphere and how believable the world was. I found myself wanting to learn even more about it.”

    - Playtester


    Broken Dice is an indie tabletop publishing company located somewhere on the outskirts of Metro Atlanta. For the past five years, our two-person team has labored to transform our homebrew concept into a unique and refreshing sci-fi/fantasy rpg experience for tabletop gamers everywhere. With the help and support of our family and friends, we are incredibly close to making our dream a reality.

    If you have questions, feel free to message us at [email protected].

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